A “bot” is an AI, Computer Controlled Player/Character in the Game

A bot would never loot or go inside a building. Bots are programmed to only shoot at a nearby enemy who would be in a distance of 100ms. Bots don't have team/squad. So like they shoot at every other character they find in the game.
One easy way to find if a character is a bit is that of you shoot from far or from a distance over 50m, the character would not backfire but go prone for hiding or run in a constant direction. Also the bots won't shoot you if are not very close, it would run to you after discovering you and would shoot only if it has a clear sight.
Bots don't use suppressors or scopes. Most do the bots gets automatic guns like TommyGun, UMP9 etc.
Also the bots who make it to the top 10 in a squat match or any other one. They go prone to hide and would only emerge if another player is anywhere near them (radius - 10m) so well don't wait with ur squad in a building hoping for a player to come to you.

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